Carefully hand-crafted mix of nut butters and oils deeply nourishes, heals, repairs & rejuvenates your skin. It has immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, UV protection and anti-aging properties. Created with love and care and charged with high energies through scalar wave technology & quantum signatures ~ reminding you to cherish, nourish & love your body and yourself unconditionally.


“My body is my safe and holy temple which I fully accept, honour and love. Perfect as it is. Beautiful and unique. As I am.”

ilovemybody was born out of a personal journey of healing and self-discovery, coupled with passion for conscious and holistic living. Our products are carefully hand-crafted from nut butters and plant oils that deeply nourish, heal, repair and rejuvenate your skin. They have immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, UV protection and anti-aging properties. The essential oils have positive effects on your nervous system, emotions, mood and hormonal balance.

Charged with high energies through scalar wave technology and quantum signatures by Divine Tools ~ to heal, activate and elevate you at physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Created with love and dedication, through these products we want to remind you to accept and love your body and yourself just as you are. To give gratitude and compassion to yourself. To ultimately connect more with your true being.

All our products are fully natural (with no preservatives), hand-made, plant-based, organic and recyclable. The texture and smell could vary slightly, especially with temperature changes. We recommend you keep the creams in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight and make sure no water gets inside the jar. We use blue glass jars and Miron glass bottles to help extend the shelf life and properties of the oils.

50ml | 6mo | Vegan | 100% Natural | Bio | Hand-crafted | Recyclable

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Our Divine Technology

After years of personal divine connection and growth, scientific and technological research and developments, we are now able to have breakthroughs in unique and amazing ways to your own emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth. We use specific scalar wave technologies and quantum energy signatures embedded into any physical or digital content.

Our Divine Technology is composed of three steps:

1. CAPTURING – With Divine Connection and Intent, we use specific scalar wave technologies to capture, amplify and encode the quantum signature of the object, substance, intention and codes.

2. AMPLIFICATION – We then run the recorded quantum field in a proprietary algorithm amplifying it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times.

3. ENCODING – Finally, we can now encode this amplified signature in a perfectly balanced state into any physical or digital content.

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What is inside?

The ingredients are written when you click in the type of a cream.

All cream’s are encoded with the following quantum signatures:

The frequencies of a healthy body – contributed by Franck Thieblot

Harmonic Codes
Kryst Code
Code of the Roses
Pristine Code
Ultimate Healing Code
Peace Code
Love Being You Code
Harmonic Coherence Code (contributed by Ivonne Delaflor)
Freedom Code
Expansion Code

Quantum Signatures
Personal Power
Deep Heart Connection
Open & Honest Heart
Self Acceptance
Self Confidence
Perfect Health
Health Cells
Wealth Abundance & Prosperity

How do I use it?

Apply a small amount on the skin for better and faster absorption. External use only. As a natural product without any preservatives, its colour and consistency may vary. Do not leave it in direct sunlight, if temperatures are high it is recommended to store the cream in the fridge. Make sure no water gets into the recipient, otherwise it may spoil the cream. If pregnant, consult your doctor before use.


ilovemybody bodycream’s by Irina Bocan
Divine codes, quantum signatures, energies & design by Divine Tools

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