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Here are some of the companies we made energies for. We can produce your own print work, design, music, meditation, building, healing center, etc. with custom-made encoded energies. Here are some of the products we already made. Contact us if you are interested in merging these divine tools into your physical or digital content.

This amazing technology helps to empower my Chaga+Mumijo Multi-Super-Extract in a way, that most of my customers literally feel the energy encoded and imprinted emanating from the labels at first contact. When they take my jars in the hand, reactions like ”woow what is this” are very normal… It definitely is a major upgrade for any high quality conscious product.

Bear Alf Saorin

We imprinted all labels for Bearmedicine which transfer these strong healing frequencies over to the Multi-Super-Extract you are about to consume.

We use the subtle energy of Divine Tools in our books and its really amazing how people react about this energy: you feel the vibration and also light in the book covers. You have this energy in your hands when reading the book.

Peter Saarloos

We already encoded 6 books for Hajefa, all of them with powerful and lovely energies.

During my meditation evenings I take the group on a journey that is more than just relaxing. The intent is to cleanse the energy field, become more free from disruptive programmings, and remember who you really are in essence, so you can become a conscious creator of your reality.

I use Light Language as well as different kinds of special music I choose to support the work being done and everyone’s intent. The Encoded Consciousness music by Divine Tools is therefore also a part of the journey. Members of the group who come regularly clearly start to feel the frequencies behind what is being heard. Even new participants share that they feel certain sensations in the body, like warmth, energy movement or tingling, or that the body will indicate where the blocks are located.

I like the variety in the frequencies we can experience, like the planetary ones of certain minerals and crystals, to the codes such as Simplify, Peace and Love Being You, just to name a few. We always co-create with the encoded Consciousness music, because we direct it using our intent. It won’t just go ahead and do anything just by putting it on, because it’s “alive” and therefore it interacts with our energy / consciousness. It’s also nice that we can even play it with the sound off, the frequencies still work, because like I mentioned it’s not about what is heard with our human ears.
It’s truly fascinating and a wonderful addition to these group gatherings.

Kaiyann Isa

Kayiann often uses several Divine Tools products during her workshops for aid people in different ways. Recently we created energies for a new line of powerful essential oils.

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