Healing Assistance

The Mission on Earth is to achieve the inner happiness and the collective awakening of the reality, which is now. As humanity rises in frequency the whole universal creation rises as well. As above is below so it is that the power of unconditional, omniscient love is the field that will ascend not only Earth, but the mind of the divine, into the way back home, which is here…and now.


Go Osh Eieyani is a man who has developed himself as a highly qualified guide, therapist and teacher during many years of being engaged in giving lectures, seminars and trainings as a therapist as well as giving performances as an artist which integrates his knowledge as a healer. Next to this he has trained himself and by his guides extensively during many years in Keylontic science, esoteric teachings, quantum physics and has specialized in several forms of energetic therapy.


Bernardo Oliveira is a young master at work but at the cutting edge of creating mind, body & spiritual altering concepts. Always being fascinated by the search of what life is, brought him to the infinite realization of what his reality is made of. Trained and experienced in aura, karma and seals clearings, as well as in performing DNA activations for individuals and groups.