Nature Energies

Each Nature energy tool is made with its specific frequency. We capture with scalar wave technology the energy, amplify it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times and encode it into the music.

Ocean Energy Tool

A visit to the beach always leaves you feeling alive and cleansed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Is the most natural and easily accessible form of therapy available to mankind. In ancient times, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians understood the therapeutic properties. The ocean is as restorative for our minds and spirit as it is for our bodies.

We offer you the possibility to decide the price. We want to change the way things work by working with honesty and trust, in this way you can pay what it is worth to you. We have put years of experience, research and investments in our products and now it’s time to trust in abundance equally for all where we can work in a mutual understanding and co-creation. In case you want to integrate this divine product into your commercial or non-commercial project, please contact us. We can provide you a silent version so it can fit into any digital or physical product, for example, print work, design, music, movie, meditation and much more. You can take a look in some products already encoded with Divine Tools, clicking here.

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This is a compressed sample, therefore, the energies in it are lower. Buy this product to have the 20 minutes full and strong version forever available for you!

What Are The Benefits?

Each Nature energy tool is made with its purest quantum field using our Divine Technology. After years of personal divine connection and growth, scientific and technological research and developments, we are now able to have breakthroughs in unique and amazing ways to your own emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Our Divine Technology is composed of three steps:

1. CAPTURING – With Divine Connection and Intent, we use specific scalar wave technologies to capture, amplify and encode the quantum signature of the object, substance, intention and codes.

2. AMPLIFICATION – We then run the recorded quantum field in a proprietary algorithm amplifying it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times.

3. ENCODING – Finally, we can now encode this amplified signature in a perfectly balanced state into any physical or digital content.

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Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions which are molecules that have gained or lost an electric charge and are known to improve moods. Most of our health problems are due to the imbalances in the flow of life energy in your body. Seawater can restore the inner balance, and this will help you sleep better.

Water also soothes your mind and reduces stress. Most of the emotions like anger and guilt can land us in trouble. However, controlling such emotions is not easy and healthy. But when your system is calmed down or relaxed naturally, such emotions tend to be more stable energies inside you. Seawater healing stabilizes your emotions.

It can literally wash away negative energy that has become lodged in your chakras from past heartbreak or trauma and clear any negative energy that has rubbed off from someone else and gotten stuck to you. Seawater cleanses your energy field. This helps de-clutter your consciousness and you will be able to think clearly. When the mind is stable and clear, life goes on peacefully. This is one of the sea healing benefits. It acts as a cleanse and rejuvenator as well as removes any low-level negative energy you’ve picked up from others.

Your download contains 30 minutes of music embedded with the Ocean energy. We choose to keep it simple to give you the strongest version possible. The first time you are listening to it, please use just for 30 minutes in meditation and see how you feel. After this, you can decide if you want to keep it playing a few hours or continually throughout the day. Be aware because an overload can occur, in that case when feeling tired or grogginess, please stop for a while.

Remember to always set your intentions to what heal or clear in yourself before playing the music.

Allow integration time of a few days or even a week to let the changes occur. The amount of time it takes to clear is depending on what you clear out of your 15-dimensional bio-energetic field. It takes time and at times several clearings to peel layer for layer away. If you have any questions, please contact us.