Nykkyo Energy DJ

An energetic musical experience: therapeutical DJ set by healer, therapist, DJ and producer using several analog, digital and quantum techniques.

Listening to this will aid you in clearing and activating yourself. Added torsion field technology and Primal Sound Field signature frequencies which clears your surrounding, your energy field and activates your DNA. This is not as thoroughly as a personal session but still will infuse you with higher frequencies.

Nykkyo Energy DJ

A energetic musical experience: therapeutical DJ set by healer, therapist, DJ and producer using several analog, digital and quantum techniques

DNA Activation, aura & karma clearings, heart activation, self limited believes clearings by resonance, subtle energies, brainwaves, nature sounds, scents of essences, God-Source scalar wave coding, projections and music

It is a complete new healing technique which is fun and heart opening bringing you back to now. Opening yourself to your full potential. This is an experience where all senses are used, even on a quantum level!

Who is Nykkyo Energy DJ?

Nykkyo Energy DJ is a project from Go Osh Eieyani Chintamania. Go Osh Eieyani is a Dutch based international counselor and lecturer with a holistic point of view. He enables the power of people to live in line with their greatest desires, purpose and wisdom. Next to being a lecturer and therapist he has been 35 years a dj and producer releasing music on labels like Global Underground, Pacha Recording, Spinnin’ while performing worldwide under different artist monnikers. Knowledgeable and experienced as he is, he unveils the mystery of life force and manifesting reality. Specialized in activation lectures, (group) healings, quantum physics and recoding reality. Go Osh brings, with his project Nykkyo Energy DJ, subtle high and healing frequencies, fusing them with rhythms to the dance floor. An complete group clearing and activation experience that impacts the collective Human Kind, each dance again!

Ecstatic Dance Mixes

Take notice that all mixes and music are online streams of 128 kbps MP3, for this reason, all energies get downgraded. To experience it fully come to a live performance!

Progressive, House & Psytrance

Chillout, Psychill & Ambient


Energy DJ wavemix set consist of deep and active electronic and acoustic music but uses a few very unique techniques to deepen peoples experience. A real live group therapy that heals but at the same moment brings joy to each and every one. These techniques are used next to the already healing and loving music:
  • Amplified subtle energy quantum signatures for example from the heart, sunlight, prana, orgone, or feelings as feeling good, I am worthy, Inspiration, hope and many others
  • Special energy imprinted white noise
  • Scalar wave holograms in non-audible sound which alters DNA, consciousness and therefore your reality
  • Quantum scalar wave antenna. Which transfers acoustic waves to bioenergetic waves. These waves cannot be heard but only felt. It translates acoustic waves on a quantum level.
  • Brainwave technology like Isochronic tones
  • Subliminal messages
  • Nature sounds
  • Being in contact with each attending person Higher Self communicating what should take place in the best way possible and in line with Divine Self.
  • Intention setting of the DJ, everything responds to the observer
On special occasions including clearings and activations that is used as well in my healing work. On Ecstatic Dance events always clearings are done on all blockages to have contact with higher self and to be present in the body.


Frequency is the only law in the universe, universe is responding on the frequency you are attuned to and frequency responds to your vibrational frequency.

Sacred geometry and sonic geometry is the coding/pattern that lies in all existence and thru it, from source, projects the known holographic universe. All around us, either seen or unseen, geometry or so called singularity projects our reality. This is done by sound and light in higher layers of frequencies which usually not seen or heard by most people. Many have heard of our universe being holographic but is our universe also holo-acoustic? Something to experiment with for sure!

Music is the perfect tool of sound to bring people in higher state of awareness. Where they can be freed of past programming and be guided into new being where they discover that they are free and powerful unlimited infinite beings. Free to be happy, free to be out of drama, enjoying creation and life, seeing and feeling what they truly are!

How does this work?

Sound is the creation of all that exist, this sound which consists of non-audible waves or signature frequencies creates light and light creates matter, our reality for example. From another perspective sound or solid state waves is what called also the energy matrix which hold all universes in 1 creation in which also our universe or time matrix resides.

To go more in depth:

The first individuated manifestation of a reality field, in the Primal Order of cosmic structure, that emerges from Source as an inaudible vibration field composed of mixed units of scalar waves, which collectively form the Primal Sound Fields and their Primal Tonal-vibration Life Force currents

The Primal Sound Fields are vast fields of Conscious Living Energy that form the first expression of Source-God into manifestation which is called the Energy Matrix.
These Sound Fields form the Conscious energy that is “stepped down” (also called involution) into the next expression of God in the Primal Light Fields. In the process of God-Source stepping down Living Units of Consciousness into matter, Sound energy or frequency is “stepped down” into Living Light Energy or frequency.
The Light Fields are made of a more “dense” frequency than the Sound Fields since they are the next step “down” in the creation of solid matter. One could think of the Primal Sound Fields as the Inside Song of Creation.

Everything in manifestation has its core song, and every matter form has a core song or “frequency” which is ‘unique to it, as an expression of God/Source.

This Primal Sound Field and other frequencies are captured in non audible scalar waves , and this is what Nykkyo Energy DJ uses in his work.

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