Our Divine Technology

Divine Tools is a new technology brought to life after many years of spiritual and scientific breakthroughs.
It’s a unique and powerful divine technology, that broadcasts through electromagnetic fields, such through any used electronic devices or (sound) systems in your home or work. It is using an informational field transmitted by scalar waves or also called subtle energy. We use images, audio and video to broadcast the signal. The information of the desired effects come directly to the electromagnetic field of the person who is near the signal that is being broadcast. We work on the basis that you can name your price for most of our products that are to your liking. We like to call it a return gift as this is also our gift to you.


With Divine Connection and Intent, we use specific scalar wave technologies to capture, amplify and encode signature frequency of the object, substance, intention and codes.


We then run the recorded quantum field in a proprietary algorithm amplifying it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times.


Finally, we can now encode this amplified signature in a perfectly balanced state into any physical or digital content.

Divine Journeys

Musical journeys from amazing artists with encoded divine energy tools. Our latest work was together with visionary artist & healer Elie we created a one hour journey for you to become in Ecstatic Union. Divine Tools encoded this work of art and healing with amazing new divine codes and energies, together with the music will make this a journey into the deepest joyous part of self.

Divine Codes

These are sacred codes from the Primal Rays of Creation, the zero point field of all that is. These codes can, and will, alter your life for the purpose they are divinely programmed. Take uttermost respect and integrity when using these.

Entheogen Energies

Taking entheogen substances may be with risk for health, but our amplified Divine energy of each sacred and potent native medicine becomes a powerful tool for altering life for the better. Click read more button to find out!

Nature Energies

Don’t have the time to go out in nature? Can’t travel 1000’s of miles for amazing feeling and healing of a waterfall, the Atlantic ocean or the Brazilian rain forest? Just play this and still get the benefits of nature without going anywhere.

Crystal Energies

Each Crystal energy tool is made with the specific frequency of the crystal. We captured with scalar wave technology the energy of each specific crystal, amplified it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times and encode it into the music. This process makes the original crystal so much more potent and powerful, try it yourself!

Energy Products

We develop high energy products like The Power Of Love – High Energy Spray, divine therapy in a bottle. Or for our clients like Spiritual Sourcery, Bear Medicine and Cosmique Focus Creations, several high energy products custom made for their companies. Or just pure energy products we highly recommend, due to our own experience with it.

Divine Bundles

Specially tailored packages made for your growth. Include personal sessions and energy packs. This will get you going on your life path!
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