What it is?

Divine Tools is a new technology brought to life after many years of spiritual and scientific breakthroughs.

What it is?

Divine Tools is a new technology brought to life after many years of spiritual and scientific breakthroughs.

It’s a unique and powerful divine technology, that broadcasts through electromagnetic fields, such through any used electronic devices or (sound) systems in your home or work. It is using an informational field transmitted by scalar waves or also called subtle energy. We use images, audio and video to broadcast the signal. The information of the desired effects come directly to the electromagnetic field of the person who is near the signal that is being broadcast.

As a positive side effect, most of the time, all the undesired effects of the electromagnetic fields, like EMF, are harmonized using our Divine Technology. It is because it is using its frequency to actually carries the information to your own electromagnetic field. This causes, for example EMF to harmonize with the intended energy being played.

What is a Signature Frequency?

Everything has a unique energetic signature that enables it to be what it really is.

What we accomplish with Divine Connection and Intent, using specific scalar wave technologies to capture digitally the signature frequency, or the quantum informational field, of the object, substance, intention and/or divine codes.

Once this step is made, we then run the recorded signature frequency in a proprietary algorithm, amplifying it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times.

Finally, we can now encode this amplified signature in a perfectly balanced state, into any physical or digital content, so when opened or played, it will emit, in a powerful and balanced state, the Signature Frequency and its containing information. In other words, you have the same energy of the object, substance, intent or divine code, but much more pure and powerful.

How Divine Tools came to life?

Divine Tools started many years ago just as an idea with Go Osh Eieyani, with insights of our functioning reality, having experiences where he acquired the knowledge, of new ways, to change the living conditions of humans and our collective shared reality.

Some years later Bernardo Oliveira appeared in his life with the technological knowledge, both start to work, test, research and study this new groundbreaking technology with the mission of providing healing in unimaginable and accessible ways.

How can Divine Tools be used?

Actually, it’s a question that we don’t have a precise answer. We are regularly surprised with new amazing ways, how people are using our Divine Tools. It’s being used in their daily jobs, by companies, in food products, dj-ing, music, video productions, web development, clothing, books, healing centers, therapies, clinics and so much more.

Most of the time, it is being used to alter one’s life experience, change perception and frequency, so attracting different people, places, things and events in their life’s. You can simply play it from your phone, laptop, tablet, sound system, tv, and any other application that can play audio files.

How should I use Divine Tools?

The beauty of our Divine Tools is that you can use the tools how you feel and whenever you feel. You can use it all day and in every activity you do, and if you have any physical products with our Divine Tools encoded, the same applies.

However, we recommend you to, lie down, relax, put some headphones and let everything go. This is your divine and sacred moment of the day. Just follow your feeling, intuition and share with us your results!

How Divine Tools technology is compared with brainwave frequencies or what they call “healing” frequencies?

The biggest difference is that entrainment technology is based on acoustic waves, while Divine Tools is using scalar waves, non-local energy. You maybe can hear “healing” frequencies or brainwave frequencies but if they weren’t made with integrity they will not fulfill their purpose.

We don’t use any brainwave frequencies or “healing” frequencies, we actually capture the pure energy/consciousness of the intent, substance, object or divine codes, amplify it billions of times and then we encode in any digital or physical content. You will actually be in touch with the purest energy and that purest energy will be in touch with you.

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