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Hertz So Good? 432Hz Examined.

There’s no particular detriment to moving all music to 432Hz (or any other) tuning, but it’s also entirely possible to engage with music with a variety of tuning reference points, in fact a quick analysis of my music library finds a host of non-440Hz music including pop (Michael Jackson, Beatles), Classical, Renaissance, Jazz, Folk etc.

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Alina's Heart Song

Alina’s Heart Song

Aiden is a young boy with a highly vivid imagination, who is having a hard time dealing with feelings of fear, especially at night. One night an unexpected visitor from another dimension, a world within our world purely made of the Light of Love, comes to take Aiden on an incredible journey to discover the power and beauty of his own Heart Song.

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Physical Reality Is A Reflection Of Your Beliefs

The meaning that you choose to give life completely determines what kind of a story you will experience. Life is a direct product of your definitions about it! By changing these perceptions, you change the reality in which you exist. It is as simple as that.

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