Mind-Blowing​ and Enlightening Insights About Energized Products

"I would like to share something with you, and it might blow your mind, it may seem crazy or weird or unimaginable... but it might open your eyes to new possibilities that are pretty useful and exciting..."

Insights of our customer Kaiyann Isa, Cosmique Oils

As you probably know by now Signy and I have a new CosmiqueOil product line of essential oils blends called “I AM Source Essentials”. You can read about “How it all began” HERE.

But what I would like to share with you now is the part about our product being ENERGIZED and how that’s even possible???
Is it for real? Is it total BS that you can put specific energy into labels for products like our oils, or even clothing, bed sheets or duvet covers? Isn’t our intent when creating something enough? Does consciousness lose its purity and authenticity when technology plays a role? Let me start with this story... this is super fascinating...

Universal Vision

So I had recorded the intentions for each of the 8 oil-rollers (you can read about the intentions HERE) and sent the files to Divine Tools (explore more HERE)
After a while I asked them, “..and? What did you think? Did you hear the intentions?”
They said, “oh you used your voice? No, we didn’t hear, we just immediately used the files and didn't interfere with anything. You didn’t need to use your voice actually, you only really needed to project your intent with your consciousness in silence while you record”

Like I said... fascinating... I didn't necessarily need to use my voice!
...but at the same time it was also so obvious.
I had heard before, like you have too I’m sure, that (for example) when we watch a film on TV you are not only getting the information you can see and hear, but a whole lot of other stuff unseen and unheard. So that means even all the personal conscious/subconscious attachments hanging in the fields of the actors, crew, director, producer, and more energies and intended/unintended programming’s as well, are all beaming through your TV screen. (love-a-ly, I know right?)

How? Because it’s energy and can be recorded and captured and broadcasted.

Mind-Blowing​ and Enlightening Insights About Energized Products | Divine Tools

"How far can we go when it comes to recording different forms of energy...?"

Apparently, it was in 1857 when Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville invented the phonautograph, the first device that could record sound waves as they passed through the air, which was already super amazing! ...but here we are talking about what you are creating with your consciousness, unseen and unheard, and this being recordable... think about that for a moment...

In fact in Caroline Cory’s New Paradigm Education videos, which I highly recommend, she explains a lot more about Consciousness and even ways for it to be measured!
Consciousness can be measured electronically through a software system and holographic imaging in Joule. Consciousness can also be measured with your own consciousness, although in this case, it is then equivalent to your own assessment capability. That means you can only retrieve 100% of that which matches your consciousness mass, and 50% of that which equals double of your consciousness mass etc...

So the interesting part here is that if there are software systems (even though they may still be in development) that can electronically measure consciousness, is it such a crazy idea that a system has been invented that can capture, amplify and stabilize this energy?

In this same video, our Consciousness (equivalent to the mass of our entire Being that is focused on Earth) is described to be made up of trillions and trillions of Light particles, close to Gamma Rays, with a rotation cycle of 20 Exahertz per 1 trillionth of a meter, with the energy potential of a massive star explosion! However Consciousness energy converts into physical (chemical) energy at 734 - 1000Hz through the zero point at the Pineal gland. It is indeed through our third eye (pineal gland) that we are able to project our consciousness energy as focused intent, in a form of energy that can be used in this physical realm.

Mind-Blowing​ and Enlightening Insights About Energized Products | Divine Tools

"Remember even all your favorite Spiritual or Higher Consciousness music, videos, books and films, all inevitably enter the digital world!"

Waves have three important measurements. The amplitude is the height of a peak or trough. Amplitude is the measure of something's size, especially in terms of width or breadth; largeness, magnitude... while amplification is the act, or result of amplifying enlarging, extending or adding. The wavelength is the distance between any two peaks or troughs.

The frequency is the number of waves that pass by in one second, or when we talk about our own frequency for example in our physical cells, it's the number of energy rotations in the cell, or group of cells (organ) per second. Amplitude and wavelength are measured in meters. Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). One Hz is equal to one wave passing by each second.

There are different types of waves. For example, longitudinal, transversal and scalar waves.

Mind-Blowing​ and Enlightening Insights About Energized Products | Divine Tools

What I understood Divine Tools was doing with our recorded intentions (the energy/information carried in the wave patterns), was capturing and amplifying the original energy.
By using an advanced technology, the created algorithm is used to achieve this amplification and the original energies become massively stronger, more powerful and also more stable. What they then do is add these amplified energy patterns to existing files, for example, an image, like the ones we made with Light Codes for our essential oils to use as labels.

Our label-images were once intent-filled authentic creations drawn by hand with pens on sheets of paper. The moment it was scanned, saved on the computer, sent to the phone, opened in an app to become a design for a label, it inevitably entered the digital world.
Just the same way as your favorite Spiritual or Higher Consciousness music, videos, books and films, all enter the digital world!

All these creations have the capacity to hold energies!
So, in this case, we added the amplified versions of the original intents in energy to our Light Code labels image files. Now when the labels are printed, the pixels of the label are vibrating with those energies, only in a more powerful and stable way.

Mind-Blowing​ and Enlightening Insights About Energized Products | Divine Tools

Our customers have shared with us how they can feel the energies even while only holding the rollers, and when they use the oils the positive effects are very noticeable, in everyones unique expereince. This is because the oil particles are also vibrating with the same energies as the labels by energy entrainment. (synchronization / vibrating in harmony)

Imagine... capturing the energy of your loving intent for your child (or any child or anyone) or your (any) child doing this for him/herself... making an energized printable label out of it, and printing it on a t-shirt to wear to school, or using it to print onto their duvet cover and sleep cozily under. I have also heard of people who have ideas about sticking anti-5G stickers all over town to increase awareness about this being a serious health hazard... well imagine capturing the energy of your intent for harmony, balance, health and love, and energizing the images for these stickers, and then sticking them all over town... Imagine the impact that will have on your reality field? ...and yes, of course you are using your own consciousness in the process, as well as other Divine Codes / Source energies that are available if you choose to access or implement them.

What I appreciate about Divine Tools, is that they could have kept this technology to themselves and only created their own energized products, but they are sharing it with anyone who would like to make use of their work. So if you have any ideas you would like to manifest, just contact them HERE.

Mind-Blowing​ and Enlightening Insights About Energized Products | Divine Tools

I have been sharing about recording intent, but it goes way deeper than that. Answering the question earlier "How far can we go when it comes to recording different forms of energy?", Divine Tools explains that they are basically capable of recording anything, in any place, any dimension and any reality. It can be planetary, like objects, substances, materials, the energy of the Ocean, or crystals, nature, any living Being. The energies can be galactic, universal, high-frequency codes directly from Source, and so on...
What it is truly about, is the signature that makes the object or thing in existence. So even when we talk about creating with intent, where does your intent come from? In the end, it comes from Source Itself.
So what is created before all of this, which allows any thought to come up and makes any object appear in front of you, has its own signature / blueprint / inside song, that makes it what it is. This is what is being recorded.

I know that technology can be pretty scary, especially when we don’t understand it and the fear of being controlled and manipulated comes to mind. However, humanity is being controlled and manipulated in many ways most people don’t even realize and here we are talking about technologies that actually encourage us to use our own focused intent in our own unique way, and create our reality based on loving pure intentions.
The idea is not to tackle all of life in any way we can to protect ourselves from all the so-called bad stuff in the world or become dependent on anything outside of ourselves to make us feel good and safe… but to realize how this reality really works, and how we can create with it and within it, in a way that supports our higher greater good, and that of the planet and everyone and everything on it.

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