Return To Your Divine Presence

This guided meditation is an invitation for you to strip back from the “busyness” of the mind and reconnect with your inner divine essence. You will be guided through a journey of coming into stillness and to ground within your divine presence. It is a practice and invitation for you to bring into your daily life in order to stay in the frequency of divinity. Included in the music, are encoded codes from Primal Rays of Creation, assisting you to return to your divine presence.

Asherah Sananda is a transformational healer, medicine woman and designer of a clothing line that supports ethical practices. Using her unique abilities and skills she seeks to empower people in opening themselves up towards the realization and embodiment of their true divine nature. After experiencing the profound inner transformation herself, she fundamentally changed the path of her life’s vision and focus. She devoted herself to the exploration of the human energy field, the latent power of understanding the DNAs potential and as well, the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and supernatural perspective.

Her exploration leads to working with various plant medicines from the world’s native cultures and tribes as integral to achieving deep states of meditation to bring healing and understanding of the ego as freedom from the limitations of one’s own shadow. Asherah shares and imparts her unique wisdom through her voice and tongues in high vibrations and frequencies that increase the healing process and activation within each person’s own will. She dedicates her life towards the evolution of people in remembrance and returns to the true Source within.

Everything is the Supreme Light and the Union with that is what brings each one of us to our True Self.

Return To Your Divine Presence | Divine Tools

This meditation is for everyone and its free, share it with anyone you feel will enjoy it and benefit from it. Would you like to give a donation? You may do that here:

Return To Your Divine Presence | Divine Tools

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Return To Your Divine Presence | Divine Tools

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Return To Your Divine Presence | Divine Tools

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