Higher Self Activation

Higher Self Activation

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You are invited on a journey to your authentic self, guided by a 47 minutes soundscape and divine codes from the Primal Rays of Creation, which are embedded within the music. A deep loving soul journey, supporting the embodiment of your multidimensional self, also referred to as Higher Self.

Helping you to dive deeper into your innermost being. Realizing, that we are eternal, light beings, having this wonderful experience we call life. Try to feel the sounds, and the energies encoded within, with your whole body, let yourself guide you to where you want to go, experience all that you are experiencing, be the observer in this adventurous soundscape. Learn how to innerstand your Higher Self guidance.
I am Eternal,
I Am God,
I Am Free
The Higher Self that is You.

Use comma for decimal separator, for example: 33,30€1,00


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